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Raja chilling in the crib!!

This is my home and I have it all to myself while my mistress is at work. I am an angel. She tells me this all the time, so it must be true. When she comes home & lets me outside, she always puts me in a special VEST — custom made! Unfortunately I am […]

Raja & Virus Summit

Who is this giant staring at me? Here I am sitting in my own home, on my observation post looking down at this. He seems like a good guy, so I guess I will invite him again for a bowl of water. Sincerely, Raja

My pet rabbit and me – our life together

I have always loved animals but my lease did not allow for dogs or cats so… I did a little research to see if rabbits were intelligent and good pets. To my amazement, all of my research confirmed that rabbits were indeed very intelligent. Great! I had found a loophole, to have a furry friend […]

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