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Another Hero Pitbull!

As every one knows, at we do not judge ANY BREED! For us all dogs are equal except for certain breed distinctions (pugs vs hybrids, as an example). So at , we therefore consider that a ban on specific breeds is totally inadequate, and many studies confirms this without a doubt. So […]

Must stop Dog Fighting NOW!

At, we are presently putting the finishing touch at our policy guidelines relating to our legal commitments to improving and/or  stopping various animal situations existing at the moment. Follow us on or twitter (@weareclanimal) or here to be kept up to date about it! We use this report from (we thank them […]

Phineas: Houdini came back in a dog’s body?

There is something particular, to say the least, about Phineas story. twice he was on death row and twice he disappeared to reappear a 3rd time. At we love stories like this one. So start sending your stories to us and we will publish them or better , start publishing your own story on 

Animal abuse: whistle blowers soon…extinct?

At we pride ourselves with 3 very important principles: 1. We do not hold the truth(and no one else does either)!  2. We always put animal’s well being first and 3. We provide the information to you and let you form your own opinion! In this case, we found this piece very interesting to […]

R.I.P. Larry the Greyhound (2011-2013) announces with sadness that Larry the greyhound from California (SanFrancisco) passed away 3 weeks ago. Larry did not survived a car hit near the airport where he was released from his cage by an Air Canada employee. A good samaritan had brought Larry to a vet for emergency  care and Larry did not survived […]

Can we stroke our cats too much?

It appears that according to a recent study involving 3 Universities from the UK, Brazil and Austria seems to conclude the yes we can stroke our cats too much. At we have the best voice for cats in the person of Daniel Filion a cat behaviourist. Start following Daniel in the blogs for cats […]

Are Animal Shelter Drop Boxes Safe?

At we keep saying that we work hard for the animal shelters and for animals in general. This newspaper articles from North Carolina raises important issues with how some shelters operate. The use of chutes, where people “drops” the animal in a box that tumbles and rolls over and potentially hurt the animal is […]
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