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Malayalam celebrities are animal lovers!

Clanimal is a true friend of Indian animal lovers and follows the animal scene in India regularly. Today Clanimal shows you how some Mollywood animal lovers express their “animal” emotions.If you know people in India, invite them to join as members and to read our legal status for animals policy at and the to […]

James Bark 007: escape artist!

At we are always on the look out for what will gat your attention. Well this week we found the animal version of Ian Fleming’s James Bond . watch this video and enjoy! Oh its also very important that you come here to read Clanimal legal status for animals policy at: and then sign […]

Doping Horses: Stop it right now! is against all forms of cruelty to animals. Doping even if not physical remains a subtle and nasty form of mistreatment of animals…doing it chemically!  If you see something like this report it to the authorities ( and to us, we’ll help you). In the meanwhile sign our petition (and share it a lot!) […]

3 Inspiring Stories from the Annual ASPCA Humane Awards

by Mohammed Nairooz Several outstanding people and animals — including a cat that helped a soldier in Afghanistan and a 6-year-old victim of the Newtown shootings — will be honored this week at the ASPCA’s Humane Awards. The ASPCA received hundreds of nominations for the annual awards and selected winners in six categories. The ceremony […]

Cat And Ferrets Cuddling Are Just Too Much To Handle

by @Doug88888 When YouTube user ‘Mallinds’, introduced his cat Ned to a pair of ferrets at just a few weeks old, the animals immediately began to bond. (NB: Please read and share Clanimal’s legal policy for animals at: Now the … Read more: Ned the Cat, Video, Cats, Ferrets, Unlikely-Animal-Pairs, Animal Videos, Animal Friendships, Cat, […]

Cats With Leaf Hats… Ya… Monday

by MDphotography. The week is almost over, but here’s one final push to get you through. Because, why not? Plus, those hats look really fancy in the Fall. Don’t forget to read our legal policy about the legal status of animals at: [H… Read more: Cats, Video, Cats Wearing Hats, Cats Wearing Leaf Hats, Ridiculous […]

15 Valuable Lessons Dogs Teach Us

by nateOne “The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” ~ Johnny Depp For, it’s an experience we wish every one could have ! We keep saying that no animals will ever be humans and neither is it there place to be otherwise Nature would have set up […]

Homemade Treats Make Healthy, Wonderful Gifts

by Wessex Archaeology Homemade treats make an excellent, inexpensive gift for the holidays and will thrill your 4- and 2-legged friends. These treats are great year-round, but may be just the thing you are looking for to give special clients a nice thank-you.(NB: Don’t forget to go sign our petition for changing animal’s legal  status […]
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