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For the legal status of animals

The Voice of Animals, seeks to:

a) legally establish that an animal is a sentient (according to recognized scientific definition) living being, thus having specific attributes to its category, conferring it a treatment different from humans and objects, without “humanizing” its behaviour;

b) make owners and handlers of animals more responsible and accountable by requiring basic knowledge and handling courses (more elaborate for certain breeds) while getting access to more areas, while educating the public, business sectors and the different levels of Governments, on the positive psychological influence of animals;

c) change the approach to puppy mills, abuse towards animals. sale of animals in pet shops and online and the structure around breeders (including the evaluation of breeders and the origins of the animals), to restore public confidence;

Petition for a clear legal status for animals

Through its CEO, Mr. Bernard T. Raymond, (the Voice of Animals ) is seeking the adoption of a clear and realistic legal status for all animals.

Also, it's important that you also sign (and share as much as possible) the petition to that effect at;

Working with legal and animal protection groups, is promoting the establishment of a legal status for animals that:

a) is interpreted with consistency between provinces, states and countries,

b) reflects today's knowledge of the impact of animals on humans lives,

c) facilitate and favor timely and appropriate actions and sanctions.

This petition aims at establishing common grounds from which every one involved with animals (owners, professionals, activists, businesses etc) work in order to improve human/animal relations thus making Society more responsible towards its animals!

Here are the key elements of’s proposition:

1- Amendment of Provincial/State and Federal Legislations

The various legislations will clearly define animals as living sentient (as defined by scientific criteria’s) beings and as such, state that they have a legal status in accordance with their nature and the place they occupy in Society. If needed, a new definition of legal subjects will be created in the law and added between the categories of human beings and movables,

2-Responsibility towards animals:

A) Training will be made mandatory in order to have the right to own a pet. Advanced training will apply to specific breeds such as Huskies, Pitbulls, and others (which require a particular approach). The training requirements shall be determined by animal behaviorists,

B) Expected benefits: A greater access to public spaces, including spaces that allow unleashed pets. Legal intervention by Clanimal's legal team whenever needed,

C) Improved responsibility from businesses for the treatment of animals within their respective industries factoring economical realities and collective objectives,

3- Education and sanctions

A) Basic education about animals will be made available in schools, businesses and public institutions in order to make pet owners aware of their responsibilities and to promote the beneficial contribution of pets such as : positive psychological impact, the virtues of pet therapy etc.

B) Stricter sanctions against puppy mills owners and operators, The same legal principle used against outlawed groups will apply, i.e. the reversal of the onus of proof. Once a puppy mill operator has been identified, he or she would have to prove that his or her business complies with the regulations. Otherwise, the animals and equipment on site, as well as the real estate, could be seized and sold. The proceeds would then be used for animal endeavors.

C) Animal abuse: from community service in shelters to harsher prison sentence without early release for offenders and repeating offenders,

D) Prohibition of animal sales in pet shops except for animals originating from approved shelter operation and establishment of a commercial structure for profits for both the shelters and the pet shops.

E) Firmer supervision of breeding standards based in line with best practices in order to raise public’s confidence and part conscientious breeders from people who are not fit or not worthy of performing this job (ie: \"back yard breeders\");

F) Firmer supervision of Internet ads to, once again, values the work of righteous breeders. For consumers wishing to have other choices, will be required mandatory evaluation of breeders and validation of the origin of animals sold in the ads.

G) Improve the coverage of social health care regime to include the training, the supply and the professional support of service animals;

H) Include, in the definition of armed forces personnel, service animals that served the country, with full benefits adapted to their specific status and the establishment of a support structure, including the training, the supply and the professional support for services animals, to armed forces personnel in need of one;

I) Eliminate discrimination in housing matters for animal owners and the establishment of clear housing policies that ensures the respect of the legal status of animals ;


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