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Yes politicians are saying NOTHING…aren’t you surprised? Will you accept this? says: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Have animals become the “babies of politics”, meaning that when a dog is abandoned on the roadside with a bullet in its head or that a kitty is set on fire with lighter fluid…only then politicians get all upset and outraged! Always opportunistic! Unfortunately it’s not  what animals need. They need the daily efforts , from the hearts and guts, of these thousands of people that only want the well being of animals!

So, stand-up and request from each candidate to take a stand for or against the ideas Clanimal is promoting in its legal policies. You say you love animals…now more than ever it’s time to show it! is the only organisation in the animal community to require candidates in the 2014 Provincial Election to state their agreement or disagreement on important animal issues ( read  our petition to change the legal status of animals & our legal policy ).


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