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Its a question that lots of animal owners and lovers dont like answering: How do you feel when an animal dies? Most will answer: parts of you die at the same time when it’s the animal you have lived with for years! Personally, I do not  anticipate  the day my dog dies even though I keep preparing your self for this very fact of life. I will cry my heart out since this dog has become a “second skin” for me and I trust his spirit  will carry me with loving the “next one” with as much respect and unquestionable love I will have had for him and love the “next one” for his own special character !
The objective by choosing this video on Easter Friday, is to bring people who know people who buys pets for Easter (because its “cute” and then, just after the week-end, abandon them) to talk to these “temporary animal lovers” (or irresponsible human beings) to think for 1 second what kind of pain people who truly loves animals go through when the animal dies.
Because, for every  animal you  buy for easter that you abandon later on (once the novelty wears off) or worse kill them by abandoning them in the wild (or by simply killing them) you show total disrespect to the very difficult life cycle process, true animal owners and lovers go through . As well, most children for who you do this could end-up growing up showing the same disrespect towards animals and other human beings later on!
And if the message “doesn’t get through”,  then we feel for the sense of emptiness you must have inside of you, because no human beings that respect itself shows disrespect towards animals, like this , and you most likely feel the same way towards other human beings! It’s very sad …for you!
As for the others who care for animals, animals need you! Read our Legal Policy on animals. and show politicians that you love animals and mostly that you want them to take care of them. Do it for the animals and share  this with your friends and network! Sign our Petition to change the legal status of animals!

Now summarizing human’s reaction to the death of its favourite pet,  enjoy these videos from Jimmy Stewart reading his poem about his dog Beau, and Ellen DeGeneris….

(credits given to: DaisysMommyforever & the late Johnny Carson/Jimmy Stewart, Ellen DeGeneris & You Tube)


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