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On this important day for lots of people around the world, today (and for the rest of the year too!) Love & Respect Yourself and All Animals! We are all Living Sentient Beings (some more sentient & some less sentient than others!) and since we have just one life to live (for humans…cats it’s another story…) live your lives to the fullest and make every moment counts!


One thing is so obvious for Clanimal.com is that we are all on this planet to live with each other: Humans and Animals could only care for one and only one thing: MAKE IT WORK!

Starting today why don’t we really enjoy every moment we spend with our animals by respecting them & by making sure their well being is our top priority and really listen and talk to each other with only one priority: Let’s Make This Work…

This is Clanimal.com commitment to You and to All Animals!


The Guy

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