What is the importance of Service Animals? (# 2 )

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Society can no longer have doubts about
the importance service animals have in our lives!


Clanimal.com is inviting you to think about the role service animals
play in our every day lives
. The work of a service animal (in zoo therapy for instance)
is one of these animals that make a world of a difference. It’s time we respect them!

Do you agree that we, in society, start to take the responsibility
to be there for those who need it and that the Laws reflect that?

Virus The Judge Clanimal
“Virus “The Judge“ Clanimal”

Clanimal.com justly recommends this in its  animal policy  that training and acquisition
of service animals be covered from now on by public health regime
( the principle being applicable in many jurisdictions!)

Help us protect and help all animals around the world by signing and
sharing our petition 
to change the legal status of animals so we start to finally consider
them as Living Sentient Beings! 

The Guy

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