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Here is the story of Henry, a service dog to an autistic child…

Become aware of the impact Henry has with Dale just
by being a “reading partner”(bring Dale to talk),
being “a security guard” (Dale cannot get involved
with dangerous situations for him) or just simply
being his “best friend”!

That’s the role of a service dog!

Help us protect and help all animals around the world by 
reading our  our animal policy  as well
as signing and sharing our petition to change the legal status of animals so we start
to finally consider them as Living Sentient Beings! 

Also, you can share your personal experiences in My Story
and help so many other people, in the same situation you are,
and by reading about your experience, they will not feel alone anymore
and they will be able to be redirected to ressources that will help them!

The Guy

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