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Horses are great to own and ride on property but at times riders just want more! Some riders compete at shows across the country side sometimes across the province or even into the states. Other riders like to take advantage of the trails in other areas.

This all means eventually a horse will have to be put in a trailer and shipped elsewhere. As a horse owner and trailer driver we can only do so much to keep our horses safe inside, the majority of the risks are from other drivers.

Horses trust their handlers to put them into a big metal box is on wheels and very dark inside. They allow their handlers to shut doors that to them sound like it will kill them. They, for the most part, calmly balance themselves in this metal box as it turns, goes up and down hills and comes to stops for no known reason to them as they cannot see what is happening. This makes it very hard for them to prepare for changes unlike us in the front seat of a vehicle looking out the windshield.HorseTrailer 1 images

It is a known fact that trucks with trailers cannot stop as fast as a truck without the trailer. The weight in the trailer is going the same speed as the truck and when the truck begins to stop the weight takes time to stop also, in fact an over loaded trailer will push the vehicle towing it if it does not have proper brakes or if the tow vehicle is too small for the trailer.

Now imagine having a horse inside that trailer. If the driver of the truck slams on their brakes the weight in the trailer, in this case the horse, will be thrown to the front of the trailer. For the horse it is a wild, scary, and dangerous ride.

HorseTrailer 4 imagesHorses will try to balance themselves by stepping in the trailer but can do serious damage to their legs or the legs of a horse trailering with them by stepping on their legs. With shoes on a horse can easily cut open their legs and injury tendons.

Drivers of horse or livestock trailers need to be careful when driving, they must take off slower, take a longer distance to stop and take corners slowly.

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