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When you are driving around horse trailers you must be a responsible driver and take care. If you are in front of the trailer make sure to signal early if you are turning off the road, no distance is too far to start signalling. When stopping do not brake quickly, this means not following the vehicle in front of you too closely, if they have to stop quickly you will too.

If you are behind the trailer be patience. Trailer drivers realizes how frustrating it is for the drivers behind them and most will make an effort to make passing them easy or will even pull off to the side of the road. Do not drive up close behind the trailer, the horses can hear you and if the top doors are open they can see you. If you don’t know what is going on a car driving right up behind you might really scare you too! Scared horses will panic in a trailer, stomp and possibly start kicking the trailer.HorseTrailer 2 images

This makes the trailer move around behind the tow vehicle, making it harder to control. The safest way to follow a trailer is to back off enough so you can see one of the tow vehicle’s mirrors. This way driver will be able to see you and you will not be close enough to scare the horses.

When turning onto a road with a trailer coming do not try and cut them off to save a slow drive, the driver will have brake for you and will disturb the horses. Instead wait for them to pass and turn, you will get a chance to pass them later on.

HorseTrailer 3 downloadIf ever you see a problem with the trailer or with the horses inside do not honk! Instead flash your lights to get the driver’s attention. Horse owners are more than happy to pull over to make sure everything is okay with their horses. It is much better safe than sorry.

Patience is key to the safety of the horse in the trailer and to all vehicles on the road. Stay calm and your drive will be safe as well.

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