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Do I have to? The answer is …Read this! (Editorial by The Guy at

More and more you have Public Markets administration requesting (rather ordering!) in the Montreal area, that you must leave your favourite companion outside the public area of the market (in other words…not on the premises!)

Question: What are the possible consequences for your pet & you…and the administration of the public market?

1. Consequences for your Pet:

since your animal is left unattended in a public area, don’t be surprised if it gets “petted” by every one with the high risk that at one point it will react (ie: bite!), let alone the strong possibility of another dog walking by and starting a “big Party” or just a simple fight or just simply annoy the animal because every dog lover wants to say hi! (do you want to say “Hi” to every one all the times…let’s bet that it’s the same for animals!)1Atwater89465

Why? Simply because you are not there to supervise and be responsible for it’s behavior!

And for the ones saying “I Know My Dog”…leave a million dollars at the door and call a bookie at Las Vegas…you dog is an animal…so the odds are it will react like an animal! (and you are not there to see the warning signs…they always give them!) and then you will be the first ones to argue that the world SHOULD HAVE THIS OR THAT! Responsibility will always start with YOU! So act like it!

2. What are the consequences for YOU:

Well, in most jurisdictions, you will most likely be responsible for your animal behaviour, meaning that if it bites some one…cashing $$$ cashing $$$! (and make sure you read # 3 concerning the public market’s potential responsibility) You Pay for Damages $$$!

Your dog can be stolen (in certain areas it’s also called Flipping!) and either be used for dog fights (as baits) or simply resold on “popular  websites such as Kijji and EBay!” as a “cute puppy” waiting for a forever home (and all the “BS” they use for that matter!) for 50 or 100$ and bye bye your dog!

5Atwater42464And last (and not the least), you will suffer great pain for loosing your favourite companion (if stolen) or probably end up with a huge legal bill plus damages (if it bites…and pray it doesn’t bite a plastic surgeon that works in Hollywood!)!

Are you beginning to think about this!

3. Consequences for the Public Market Administration:

When they ask you to leave your dog outside the parameters of the Market, especially unattended, they most likely engage their responsibility (after all they are the ones asking you to do so!) because think , as an analogy, of when you go to a restaurant and that they ask you to leave your coat at the coat check.

Two things happens (in the restaurant scenario):

a) there is no one to “check” your coat so they say “You leave your coat here at your own risk and peril” (or something similar to that) and you spend the whole time thinking about your coat (is it safe? will it get stolen? you get the drift…) or you bring your coat with you (se where we are going…) or3JeanTalon20799

b) there is some one there to “check” your coat and to give you a stub to remit when you want your coat back (and do not loose that stub otherwise no coat! unless you are some VIP’s), and even then you think “I hope the person doesn’t make a mistake and give My Coat to some one else !”;

As for the responsibility being laid on some one if the coat is stolen, in most circumstances the restaurant will be responsible since it asked you to leave it in the coat check area (especially if some one is there…unless the famous stub was used to get the coat…so do not loose it)!

Now in the case of your favourite Pet, here’s the deal:

By analogy, it’s the same thing as in the case of the restaurant:

“no one is there to supervise your pet: what happens if you pet gets stolen or bites some one (or does anything else)…Can you lay the blame/responsibility on the Public Market Administration because they said to do so? and

“if there is some one to supervise your Pet: theoretical since we do not know of such a set-up anywhere and if it existed, make sure the person supervising is a competent trained animal trainer or behaviourist !

So in most (if not all ) cases…NO SUPERVISION for your Pet! (feel safer now?)

1JeanTalon38842And for the clever “Einstein” being out there, whatever language is used such as :

“could you…would you…

“as a matter of public safety (yeah…a dog unattended is safer than being next to its owner who supervise it!) or

“(one of our favourite) for health and hygiene (most public market are located in high vehicle traffic areas…so “hello” to health and hygiene) and not to forget pesticide and other “good things” sprayed on vegetables and fruits…let’s talk about health and hygiene…yeah;

the simple fact remain…the Public Market Administration requested you to leave your pet unattended in a designated area…so like in the coat check example earlier, it bears responsibility for whatever problems arise from this;

In conclusion: (# 1 to be clear and #2 to save money on lawyers bills!)

1) this is not a legal advice…it’s just an opinion in the form of an editorial!. Clanimal strongly recommends that you seek professional legal advice to assess the legal ramifications of situations you encounter;

2) always used your Common Sense (and trust your instincts!!!) and always act responsibly about your animal behaviour every where you go! and7Atwater16906

3) let us know at, wherever you live on this planet, what’s the situation in your area about being asked to leave an animal unattended (or in a supervised area by a competent professional), what experiences you have encountered and above all, the best way to let “who ever” is asking you to leave your animal in the conditions described before, is to let them know about how you feel or even better take your $$$ elsewhere!!!

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