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Animals really know how to make a recovery. But this little guy takes the cake. Meet Frank, a 1 and a half year old dachshund. After being severely mistreated by his previous owners, Frank has since found a new family and now is “the happiest dog ever.” So happy, in fact, that he just can’t help but show how happy he is even in his sleep!  Prepare for a great laugh from this short video, where Frank displays his ultimate happiness for the world to see.

You can you make other dogs as happy as Frank is, it may begin with you giving them a good home. Consider adopting a pup or other animal companion in need today! Do remember to adopt (not to buy), though! Who knows — maybe adopting a new animal friend will make YOU as happy as Frank too!

CreditsL Rafael Borges & YouTube

Clanimal reminds you that there are still to many animals mistreated and is therefore asking you to help protect all animals around the world by reading its  animal policy  as well as signing and sharing its petition to change the legal status of animals so we start to finally consider them as Living Sentient Beings!
Sylvie Schneider

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