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Okay, before you hit the play button on this video, we must warn you. What you’re about to see is so stinking precious, that you will not be able to watch it without exclaiming “Aww” or “Eee” or any other high-pitched “Holy bananas, that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!” noise. If you’re procrastinating in class or at work, mind your volume.

Now that you’re prepared, meet Doug the pug.

It is not unusual for devoted dog parents to give their pups adorable toys or blankets to snuggle with, but Doug’s parents have taken pampering to a whole new level. Not only does Doug have a mini-pug plushy to cuddle, but he is also decked out in the sweetest fuzzy pajamas we’ve ever seen. When people talk about “cute overload,” this is what they mean.

Seriously, all he’s doing is getting ready for bedtime and it just might be the most saccharine routine we’ve ever seen. Sleep tight, little Dougy!

Credits : Doug the Pug & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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