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Come on Clanimal.com  to tell your stories…and
share with the World your emotions with the
animal who shares your life!

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This is why Clanimal.com invites you to take the time
you choose to share all these beautiful stories that
you have lived…and all the others you will live during
your life together with the animal you love!

An excellent example of this is this touching video
from Ben Moon and his dog Denali explaining how,
from his point of view,  his master went through
cancer and went into remission, and afterward how
he (Denali) found he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer,
and how his master and himself lived his last moments
in life. It is a very powerful way to reach the world
sharing your emotions!

Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.

Just between you and me: when I saw this video, I cried!
For a grown man…it shows how we embrace and own the
profound love and passion we have for our favourite animal.
I cried, living by extension, the pain and sadness Ben Moon
has felt to the loss of Denali as well as experiencing the
joy of having the privilege of Ben Moon’s generosity in
sharing what Denali felt at this moment in its life.

You often talk to him/her and he/she replies to you…right?
You experience with him/her emotions that are intense or profound,
joyful or painful and you want to share it with the rest of
the world, My Story is where to do it! You are either
the author or you let your favourite animal express itself.

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If you are the author: explain what your favourite animal
represents for you, the activities you do together, so you share
your love and your pride of your favourite animal
with other owners like you. Or, share your experiences  
lived during your vacations or during your daily walks,
or even related to so many other situations that have
happened during your life.

So many animal lovers live
their passion for their favourite animals in secret,
so the time has come you act like animals do with their
human companions, instinctively and to the knowledge
of the whole world!

Otherwise, let your favourite animal tell what it feels,
how it sees life or certain moments of it, sometimes with
humour, sometimes with emotions.

That is the power of My Story!

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My Story, a beautiful way to reconnect
with your favourite animal and mostly…your instinct!

“The Guy”

The Guy

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