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The first night baby Rosie, the cute lil’ kitten you see here, was brought home, she was sick and unresponsive to her new foster parents. Given her young age, Rosie’s prognisis was bleak, but her foster parents refused to give up on her. In a bit of desperation, they decided to let her cuddle with their Husky Lilo in hopes that contact with another furry friend would snap her back into action … and they were right! Although Lilo has never even had puppies of her own, she went right into mama-mode and started caring for and loving Rosie. Snuggles are the best medecine, after all.

Lilo is more than just a furry friend to Rosie now, she’s her new mom. The connection between the two has only gotten stronger and Rosie has even become part of Lilo’s Husky friend group. We’re happy to see that the two have found so much love and companionship in each other. Thanks to Lilo, Rosie has a second chance at life and it seems like she’s making the most of it with her new mom by her side!

Credits : Lilothehusky & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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