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A dog or cat playing near a fishing pole can easily get hurt on the face, lips, snout and legs with a fish hook. It mayalso swallow the object as it tries to get rid of it.The same accident can occur if a dog eats a dead fish with a hook still in its mouth.

First aid

Take the animal to a vet. If this is not possible, provide first aid as follows:

Push the fish hook out of the wound so you can see the barb.
Cut the barb with a pair of pliers.

Pull the rest of the hook out through the point of entry.
Clean the wound and disinfect with an iodine solution.
Apply an antibiotic ointment to the wound.
See a vet.

If the hook is caught in your pet’s mouth while it’s still attached to the fishing pole, don’t try to remove it. Don’t feed the animal and seek veterinary care immediately.

Excerpt from the book .First Aid For Dogs and Cats” By Chantale Robinson /

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