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The purpose of this short editorial is to bring some balance in what seems to become a “tsunami” of righteousness taking over. In other words, it’s a typical human beings reaction. Now, what Clanimal.com is aiming to do with this editorial, is to raise the debate to higher grounds than mere “cavemen era” approach, since as you know on the web: when something starts, it can be worse that a wild bush fire in California, and it’s only emotional (mind you, nothing wrong with emotions in a debate, except, logic and common sense are crucial.) 3 points to address:DrWalterPalmer&Cecil

1. First thing to look at: all the facts like: what was the rôle of the people hired by Dr Palmer, and very important, how much did he know about the parameters of the hunt? (Did he know “every thing” such as baiting Cecil out of the reservation where he lived, etc) before “one shoots…one asks!”. Also, we would like to hear environmentalists and lion’s specialist about Cecil life expectancy, what is going to happen to his cubs left behind (will they be killed by the “new King”?), etc.

2. Second thing to consider is:  what is the life of the animals living right beside each of us? Yes, it is unacceptable to break the law and worse (vanity helping) to raise oneself ABOVE the Law. No one has the privilege to do that, not even for the mere childish reaction to think one is better than the others. Remember, wars have been started for reactions like this. The animals (and Nature) teach us so much more than this type of reaction. In the USA alone, there are thousands if not millions of animals mistreated, as well as thousands of puppy mills (just about dogs alone) in the southern states such as Texas, Missouri, etc. There are so many animals that are bred in less that respectful conditions (even by registered breeders that are members of their country’s kennel clubs!) or worse, being sold on Kijiji and others similar medium, being euthanized due to medical conditions, etc, . In Quebec, for a population of about 8 million people, there are close to 2 000 puppy mills operations. Each citizen in country can take a hard look how it treats animals. There are “Dr Palmer’s attitude” in every country!

3. Third and final thing to consider: We can certainly use this situation as a slap in our “individual face” (and as Society as a whole) and redirect this anger at starting to look  at each of us in a mirror and look at how we treat all the animals around us, to seriously ask ourselves if we are not practicing wilful blindness when, we lash  out at the “Dr Palmer’s” of the world and then shortly after, return to our “natural ways” of acting with the same animals. What Clanimal.com is saying (not asking) to our Governments, is to get off their “butts” and start to treat animals as a Society like we treat them individually …Oh yes…are we honest towards the animals about how we treat them, or, are we like we are with each other in life? Why don’t we start asking ourselves these pertinent questions as well as what we really are committed to as Society…before we start another holly war…Religious beliefs based wars are already occupying this field!

R.I.P Cecil

R.I.P Cecil

Clanimal.com is saying that when situations such as what regretfully happened  to Cecil can fall forgotten by the wayside or can start real changes in how we treat animals (all of them!) as well as how we treat each other humans in Society…Let’s not “fu…” this, like we usually do. Start thinking and talking…otherwise our collective reaction to Cecil’s death will be like lots of other good intentions we have: Empty and Meaningless!

The Guy, Clanimal.com

The Guy

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