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We started to ask people to be in our advisory board. Soon we received replies from renowned elephant people who have experience with captive elephants and elephants in the wild, founders of sanctuaries, zoo keepers and vets.


In July 2012 we went to see the Dalai Lama, and in September 2012, Elephant Haven released its first article in the biggest Belgian newspaper!

In October 2012, we did a presentation in Germany about Elephant Haven.

In 2013, Elephant Haven was proud to announce their first ambassadors, Belgian actress Janine Bischops and singer Jean Bosco Safari.

download                                jean Bosco Safari


We made our first flyer in 2013.   

First big event around Christmas in the center of Antwerp: people throughout the city could paint a big live sized elephant,among others things that were planned. 

DSC_0010             DCIM102SPORT

That whole year was filled with “spreading the word” about Elephant Haven, having articles in papers, organizing events and doing research.

In 2013 I started to make a big detailed dossier about the project, this needed to be sent to Paris and when approved, I had to go to Paris to take an exam before a jury. This was necessary to get the “Certificat de capacité”, a permit that is required in France if you want to keep elephants. The document must include all the information about Elephant Haven, security, competences, elephant barns, fencing, commercial aspect, veterinary aspect and much more. I got a lot of help from Goulvain Rigaux who is now the vet at Maubeuge Zoo.

And then the entire dossier had to be translated in French. Thanks to Traduix translate company who translated the whole 200 pages document so I could send it to Paris.

Now I was waiting when I could do the exam.

We needed a financial plan too… Where do we start with that? Nobody had an example of financial plan for an elephant sanctuary. But we kept on going, day after day, while still have a full time job because we needed to eat too although there was sometimes not a lot of time for that.

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