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I arrived at my new home, where my master lives, on January 24, 2009. It was my 9th week birthday! I know, we don’t know a lot

Hey... I grew very fast!

Hey… I grew very fast!

at that age and anything we feel like doing goes through « our nose! ». Yeah! As you certainly know (I am sure lots of you do!), for us dogs, until our 16-18 days of living, the only thing we can rely on is our nose to access the world around us. We learn pretty fast what the nose is used for!

There is only one thing between me and my new world and it is… my master! As soon as I arrive, the first thing my master shows me is my own private bathroom (where I pee!). Not the one that he uses… no…No…No… The one that I will be using for the next week, the balcony cement floor! Imagine, no heat and when it’s minus 30 degrees outside… I freeze my « family’s heirloom! ». And what can be said about the fan (in his bathroom) that I don’t have in mine… like if I smell sometimes!

Now, he gives me the owner’s tour… which I call the « not here». No Virus not here… Not here either… even less here! So you understand that I visit a lot and for my master, it is important that I remember not to visit often the same place. Finally, at the end of « his» tour, he shows me MY PLACE! Humans calls this a cage, and for me it is a 2 ½ furnished, loft style! There is a bedroom and a dining room/play room where I keep some toys, while I am there.

"So many things to do and so little time to rest!"

“So many things to do and so little time to rest!”

During my visit, I noticed certain areas, like his office and the living room, where I said to myself that one day I will be able to stretch my gorgeous body right here (yes, one can be confident and self-assured of its beauty!) You know what, that’s exactly what happened eventually! After a couple of days, and some of my own tricks that other family pets know (sorry can’t tell you) , my master started to allow me here and there to make it my home too, so I could be near him!

In any matter, my master has reiterated often that he is still the one who pays the mortgage and as long as my name is not the contract… it’s his house and his rules! That reminds me that with the house rules comes the « method» that shows family pets how to follow the rules. The human calls this… dog training!

Follow me in My Story!

Follow me in My Story!

My family pets‘ friends, why don’t you tell me, how your first day went. Rather, why don’t you start your own pet blog and tell me about it in your own blog! Tell me how your 1st day was. Go to your computers and start writing that blog, and for you masters, what do you think we do when you are sleeping and your computers are left open….we practice with it, we write to each other and surf the Net…after all, we are modern pets!


Virus,  Senior Animal Advisor at

Virus The Dog


  • Debbie Mock

    Virus, I am so used to seeing you as
    the big strong adult dog. Thank you for sharing your youngster pictures with us. You were adorable, but I love Great Danes as adults. You look so regal and majestic. Have a great day, Virus!

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