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From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!”

The first thing that often remains in our mind is to keep our favorite pet by our side. It is important that the pet feels that its “leader”, its “protector” is nearby, guides it and takes care of it. So it’s more than “normal” for each one of us that our favorite pet follows us everywhere, well almost everywhere. Allow us to explain.

That'a the TEAM!

That’a the TEAM!

What is a responsible pet owner?

A responsible owner is:

1. someone who is accountable for their actions and those of their pet;
2. someone who possesses the humility to always learn about their pet and themselves;
3. someone who respects the environment around them, meaning theirs and that of their pet, as well as the environment of everybody else (whether the others are pet owners or not).

What does a responsible owner?
When you’re accountable for your actions and those of your pet:

1. You don’t let your pet walk 4 feet ahead of you (you’re supposed to walk the pet, and not the opposite!). Moreover, you should respect the personal space of people afraid of animals (or allergic to them) by stopping your pet (especially if it’s overexcited) from invading that space!

2. You don’t let your pet constantly sniff everything that moves around (humans, other animals, etc.) so you have to monitor your pet’s actions. Again, some people (those afraid of animals or who are allergic to them) don’t really like to be rushed up to!

3. You properly “introduce” your pet, meaning that the owner keeps the pet constantly under control whether there’s another animal involved or a human! (Which will be the subject of the next blog). Your pet will appreciate it, it’s guaranteed.

Let’s be clear about this right away: not all pets are well behaved in public. So may the “purists” not express their indignation and

That's the way to "pose" in public!

That’s the way to “pose” in public!

talk about bites or babies eaten alive! We’re aiming owners that are already responsible (we’ll be explaining that later on) and who feel “uncomfortable” entering public places with their pet or those who would like to go in but don’t know how to proceed!

As for the “others” (you know who you are, those who don’t like animals), we have no intention of “brainwashing” you, we simply want to defend our views respectfully, and out of respect for yours, we don’t impose you our pets (if some people do, they’re not responsible owners).

We are confident that “the others” will respect our point of view and with a little open-mindedness, they will surely come to appreciate animals a bit more in the future. We strongly believe that in the society we are living in, every being has its place.

We therefore invite you to use your sense of judgment and make a distinction between “responsible owners” and “irresponsible owners”. Starting from there, penalize “irresponsible” ones for their failures and reward the “responsible ones” by allowing them to keep their pets with them.

There’s a reality, which a site like Clanimal takes the responsibility to promote using news, education and communication, that reality is the fact that pets are an inseparable part of the family in the 21st century! In North America, more than half of the households adopted a pet and millions of us every year travel, move around with our pets… and the number certainly won’t decrease you can count on it!

We are 1!

We are 1!

So join Clanimal, visit the Web site and start living in harmony with those who surround you… human and pets!

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