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Pets: carrying germs? (From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” #2)

We believe that pets don’t carry as much germs as pollution (for example: smog, charcoal, etc.), doctors or nurses who leave the hospital at the end of the day and go to the restaurant or to a shopping center (most of them don’t change clothes when they leave work!) Not to mention pharmacies that claim themselves as “health institutions” and that abound with chocolates, liquors and chips


I’m the “Contaminator”!

(just to say but a few!). Do you think that a pet opens a bag of chips, licks some one or two then close the bag? Have ever thought about this: you’re having a good lunch on a terrace next to an important commercial street full of cars “polluting” your plate, not to forget the air you’re breathing… To think that there are people who are offended to see a little dog (or a big one which doesn’t take a lot of space) and that bothers nobody! And then there’s a client or the staff, who comes up to you and say that you can’t sit at the terrace with your pet because they serve meals there!

The behavior of a four-legged in public

Also, there are some ministerial officials that deserve to be taught a little education! What about the genetic transformations our daily food is subject to! Maybe these officials could look the content of their plate instead of looking what’s next to the plate.


“Hey… I just cook the food!”

And what about the staff of some restaurants who “forgets” to wash their hands or store the plates in not the so right conditions (think about the poached eggs under a 90 degree-sun or the sandwich with mayo in it!)

Don’t ever forget that pets are fully-fledged members of the FAMILY! And unlike the majority of us, they’re capable of showing unconditional love and unfailing loyalty towards humans. Rest assured, we have no intention of turning pets into… human beings. However, compare the behaviour of a four-legged being in public and that of a certain “bipeds”, and you still want to stop them from accompanying their owners in public places?

Isn’t time to start opening our mind to reality around us? Clanimal thinks it is. And it’s together, with the power of the Clan that we will be able to better things for all passionate pet owners. Join to help make a striking difference in the lives of millions of those passionate pet owners! And what about you? Tell us, how it goes for you in public spaces.

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