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It is very important to remind you some details from a previous blog on what is a responsible owner:

  1. someone who is accountable for their actions and those of their pet;
  2. someone who possesses the humility to always learn about their pet and themselves;
  3. someone who respects the environment around them, meaning theirs and that of their pet, as well as the environment of everybody else (whether the others are pet owners or not).

From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” #4

So it’s up to the owners to make that their pet behave perfectly at all times while making sure that it remains calm and bothers nobody (see 1. above)! For example, if the owners notice someone’s fear (of the size or the race or discomfort), they should avoid walking by that person (see 3. above)

"Do you want to make lots of $$$!"

“Do you want to make lots of $$$!”

An approach for business owners

To the business owners, allow us to invite you to follow this approach: if pet owners don’t behave as responsible owners (as described above), gently explain them how to be one, and if they still don’t understand how they could conduct themselves with their pet, well then you can simply deny them access to your business! That’s it!

Let’s be direct and realistic, because from a cash register’s point of view (“$$$”!), responsible pet owners (and there are a few out there, believe us, it’s just that we only notice the irresponsible ones), spend thousands of dollars per year (for their pets), and therefore have a certain purchasing power, right?

For instance, for how many years the gay community has been ignored by the business community until the day this one realized that the gay community possessed a very important purchasing power (“disposable income”)! Since then, as if by magic (“$$$”), all the merchants tried to win over the gay businesses.

Enough with the hypocrisy

So let’s stop with the hypocrisy and the “political correctness” (which is as hypocritical!) and let’s stop discriminating against

Our size doesn't matter!

Our size doesn’t matter!

responsible pet owners by keeping them from going with their pet in public places regardless of their size.

Should an owner refuse to act as a responsibly, the responsible authority of the business will just have to forbid the owner to enter or to move within the premises until that unwilling owner chooses to act responsibly.

Now it’s your turn to share your experiences with us (positive or negatives) of the commercial spaces that let you and your pet in (banks, shopping centers, hotels). You can write to “”.

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