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We don’t carry more germs than pollution does (example: smog, charcoal). I don’t have any numbers for you but I heard my owner tell people he’s working on it. My owner says for instance that it’s proven that doctors transmit more viruses and diseases with the ties they’re wearing just like the nurses who wear their uniform at home and their home clothes at work (they don’t change at the hospital!)

ready for a dog

Here is Dr Wouf, ready to examine you!

Pharmacies claiming to be health institutions

What about the pharmacies claiming to be “health institutions” but abound with chocolate, liquors and chips (to name a few!). Do you think my owner opens a bag of chips, let me lick some and then close the bag!

Or, did you ever sit at a terrace for a good lunch just to be next to a main commercial street with many cars “polluting” your plate, not to mention the air your breathing… and some people have the nerve to be shocked when they see a small dog (or a big one that doesn’t even take that much space!) that doesn’t bother anyone! And then, a customer or the staff comes up to you and say that you can’t sit at the terrace because they serve food there!

Some government officials need to be educated! What about all the genetic transformations our daily food is subject to! Maybe if these officials could just look inside our plates first instead of looking what’s next to the plate!

Not to forget the staff of some restaurants who “forgets” to wash their hands or stores our food in the not so best conditions (think about the “poached” eggs under a 90-degree sun or a mayonnaise sandwich!)

Tired to be judged

Finally, I don’t want to impose anything (neither does my owner, I’m sure of it) and I’m pretty tired to be judged, treated in the opposite way we behave ourselves, meaning respectfully towards others! Why some people see us as “germ bags” that don’t know how to behave in public. We are, after all, fully-fledged members of the FAMILY!

Unconditional Love!

Unconditional Love!

Because even though we don’t feel the same way humans do, we are nonetheless capable of unconditional love and undying loyalty, unlike a majority of humans (I’m talking of course about the category of the beings I belong to: dogs).

Rest assured, I will never be anything else than an animal! I won’t ever be a human. However, when you look closely at the way we respect our owners who treat us responsibly, I can compare any time, my behavior in public as a “four-legged” with that of a human “biped”.

As for the other pets, I would like you to write to me tell me how it’s going for you out there.

Virus, senior animal advisor at Clanimal.com

Virus The Dog

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