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I repeat, my owner makes sure I behave perfectly at all times. He also makes sure that I don’t bother anyone, any time! If he sees somebody who’s afraid of my size (or who doesn’t feel comfortable), he doesn’t walk close to that person. 

Finally, he makes sure I always stay calm, that my tail doesn’t knock every pieces of china down from the shelf!

Never have I ever broken something

Is my bank account opened yet?

Is my bank account opened yet?

Besides, I’ve already been to high-end kitchen stores, banks and other places (like a top of the range gift shop and according to its owner, I may have prevented a robbery from happening, simply by being there!) and NEVER… NEVER have I ever broken something or have I been walked out of the store because I misbehaved! So where’s the problem? Tell me!

If a pet owner doesn’t behave in a responsible way, explain him gently how to do so and if he still doesn’t understand how to behave with his pet, then simply deny him access to your store! That’s it!

Also, since my owner walks me 3 hours a day, he often changes his itinerary, meaning he’ll be taking his car. Can you imagine if he could ride the subway (not the bus, although smaller dogs in carriers for that purpose is convenient. As long as owners remain responsible with their pets.) I could easily ride the front car or the last one (just like bicycles here in Montreal) outside peak hours.

My owner is currently looking into the issue of public transportation in other parts of the world.

Nor my owner nor myself would want to impose anything to anyone. But, when we become aware of these absurd situations I described above, you would agree that it’s more than time society adjusts itself to the impact pets like me have on the everyday life. It is also more than time society pays attention to an overlooked value, which is RESPONSIBILITY.

A responsible owner will never be offended when he’s treated the way my owner talked about. A responsible owner will make sure

I wish they all worked for me...they're so nice!

I wish they all worked for me…they’re so nice!

his or her pet shows respect at all times in order not to find himself in that inconvenient position!

I’m pretty sure my owner is not the only one to act the way he does. He’s part of the majority of owners you never hear about, because you never notice them due to their “almost invisible” pets and their exemplary behavior.

So I officially invite all of my pet friends to write to me and tell me about all their owners’ excellent work (or the poor ones) so that any pet with a responsible owner knows that it’s not alone! On this matter, I also invite you to make of Clanimal a vehicle for social change! The clan we are part of will then finally be able to put its democratic strength forward (a big human word, I know!)

Next blog: “The 6 methods” to get a pet almost anywhere!

Virus, senior animal advisor at Clanimal.com

Virus The Dog

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