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Let me clarify things right away by saying that I’m speaking through a dog’s eyes. My owner will speak through his. So I don’t have any fancy theory or psychological explanation, just how what I feel when I’m with my owner. I thought that it would be interesting that you, humans, know what it’s like to be us, pets!

Je l'adore mon maître!

I love my master!

Feel that our “leader”, “protector” is with us

The first thing that we always remember is to constantly be by our owner’s side. It is important for us to feel that our “leader”, “protector” is with us and that he or she guides us and takes care of us. So it’s more than normal for each one of us to be able to follow our owner everywhere, or almost everywhere. Let me explain.

Our owners teach the majority of us to respect the environment first. Then, they make sure we don’t disrespect the others of their kind they mix with. So I won’t talk about irresponsible owners who don’t care about other people.

Unfortunately you humans can easily put everybody “in the same basket” when we, pets, don’t. So start paying attention to the way our owners and us conduct ourselves, to be able to tell the irresponsible owners and the responsible owners apart; and reward the responsible ones by allowing them to keep us by their side.

Pets are a part of the family

Then, it’s time for those who don’t like pets to know that we ARE a part of the family! Personally, I hate nobody; I love everyone!

I cherish all the moments we have together!

I cherish all the moments we have together!

So why are there people that don’t like us? I’m not a psychologist but I suspect that they’ve got something they hate about themselves! Well, it’s up to them to resolve their own issues and stop blaming us for all their problems!

You know this better than myself; you humans will notice the people who make mistakes more than those who act responsibly. Worse, some of you, even before we could even do anything, you give us the hard “cold stare”. It’s as if you just determined that we had leprosy or a mortal infectious disease

We are not four-legged trash bags.

Virus, senior animal advisor

Virus The Dog

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