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Let me give you an example. My owner brings me to a big furniture store. Him and his spouse wanted to buy a new sofa. Once at the store, I walk with them up to the entrance and while he was trying a sofa, the salesclerk told him he could come in with me. After they finished browsing, my owner and his spouse chose a multi-thousand-dollar sofa. If I hadn’t been allowed in the store, I don’t think my owner would’ve made that purchase.

Too bad...I can't even try it!

Too bad…I can’t even try it!

As the purchase was coming to an end and as I was lying at my owner feet in a “round” position, the director of the store approaches him and while asking him questions about me, praises him for my good behavior. He says to my owner: “If a dog pees on one of my sofas, what should I do?” My owner answers right away that he should “tell him how much the cleaning’s going to cost or show him the tag of the damaged furniture and tell him to make a payment”.

My owner always follows these rules;  you should try them:

  1. Before going in any places, my master makes sure to visualize a calm and controlled situation with me.
  2. Before entering somewhere, my owner walks me a little bit to create a good communication with me (see my blog #1);
  3. Then my owner makes sure that if I ever had to “relieve myself”, I would to do it before going in, because it won’t be the best of things if I did it inside.
  4. My owner asks afterwards to the owner or the manager of the place, the permission to enter the store with me while
    Hey...I'm available for furniture adds...Email my agent "theguy@clanimal.com"

    Hey…I’m available for furniture adds…Email my agent “theguy@clanimal.com”

    reassuring that person that I’m calm (he also checks that it’s the case);

  5. Inside, my owner keeps me close at all times, making sure I don’t get overexcited;
  6. My owner controls my encounters at all times (if there are ones inside) by obeying scrupulously the method… that will be the subject of my next blog!

Until then, practice what I just described previously and write to us to share your experiences.


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