We will miss you Reese Lovern (R.I.P 1958-2016)

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"Guardian Angel to animals"

“Guardian Angel to animals”

This is the first time we do what we are doing in this posting at Clanimal, and we are taking a moment to “wag it” in honour of Reese Lovern, a very nice lady from Virginia, who at the moment of her death was living in Georgia. Reese Lovern was one of our first members back in August 2012. She wrote some postings on our FB page and we are thankful to her for it.

We acknowledge that Reese Lovern has been quite a guardian angel for animals of all kinds, especially her dogs who sometimes have made her grow some grey hair! Nevertheless, Reese Lovers was always happy to take care of smaller creatures with her kindness and determination, that characterize animal lovers, all over the world.

We offer our most “animal lovers” condolences to Reese’s family and friends and to all who are losing a great animal lover…Now may she continue taking care of all the animals we miss, wherever she is (and they are)?


Message from her Family

Message from her Family

The Guy


  • Debbie Lovern

    Thank you for doing this for my sister. She was a kind a caring person and loved her family and all animals. She did alot of good in helping rescuing animals and giving them a better life

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