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Alicia, the dog in the video, arrived at the vet’s office after being rescued from having her paw caught in a hunter’s trap. The trap had clamped down so tightly on this poor puppy’s lower front leg, that flesh and broken bone were exposed. Vets were able to save her left leg, but the best course of action to take for this poor puppy was to have her right paw amputated. After that first step, they were able to focus on helping her down the long road to recovery.

Now fitted with a prosthetic, Alicia the dog couldn’t be happier — her tail just can’t stop wagging as she struts over to greet humans using her new foot. It’s amazing how we’ve managed to use prosthetics not only to help humans but to also help our animal friends. According to Let’s Adopt International, fitting Alice with her prosthetic, called an intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthesis, is among the most difficult procedures – but based on her happy smile afterward, she seems to have come out of it better than ever!

Credits : ViktorLarkhill – Kat Smith & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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