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"The Montreal Canadians...That's my team!"

“The Montreal Canadians…That’s my team!” (Virus)

Like all of you, I have experienced “pseudo-stand-up comedians” that, from the depth of their “wisdom”, sometimes yell at me “Hey you…do you put a saddle on this?” When this happens, I usually tell these “clowns”: “Listen if this is a horse, that means I got fooled by the breeder since I thought I bought a dog!” or “If you tell me which breed of horse I’ll give you 1 000$ otherwise you will give me 1 000$!” Normally, this is sufficient to make these people realize the lack of intelligence of their comment!

To me this is a sure way to show a lack of respect towards this beautiful breed of dogs as much as towards horses (my opinion). Thank God Newton did not have that kind of thinking because Earth’s attraction would not have been found!

And somewhere inside of me, laid this very strong feeling of a connexion difficult to describe … some deep inner feeling to crave responsibility for an animal! So join me through this blog to discover this “feeling”, this “certainty”, this “instinct” you constantly sense inside you in your guts…telling you, “This is the time to have a dog in your life!”

Far from being “politically correct” and to tell you that there is no type of animal that is better than another, it’s not true! Talk to dog lovers, they will answer you that dogs are man’s best friends! As for cat lovers, they will answer you that man’s best friend is the cat! As for the others, they will tell you it’s their kind of animal (whether it’s a horse, reptiles, etc.). Everyone will preach for its own parish!

So I experimented with having animals…Twice I had cats. The first one was named Flip, a black cat (no I’m not superstitious!) that I had while attending university. Almost 10 years after, came along Oscar and Charlotte (brother and sisters) and in the divorce proceedings, they left with my ex! Then for another 20 years, nothing…not event a fly!

"I have the most wonderful job in the world...To advise humans in their relationship with dogs!"

“I have the most wonderful job in the world…To advise humans in their relationship with dogs!” (Virus)

Like many things in our lives,  we end up saying that we do not have enough time, our thoughts never stop occupying our mind so we  do not hear this “voice” inside of each of us! We live pleasant and unpleasant experiences…Finally, that’s what life is!

And when we least expected, life has its way to throw us this “curveball” , by setting us up in front this “situation” that opens up our “internal ear” (our instinct) and life is saying to us:

“This is part of your life…Live this or that to the max…you will not regret it, trust me!” This is when we say to ourselves, “Why not!” This is when everything starts to make sense…This is when life starts making sense!

Life was a handful for me, mostly due to lack of experience and forgetting to listen and follow my instinct. Then at the end of my forties, my instinct became stronger and stronger, making me realize something so obvious: It was time to get the dog I have been dreaming of…and this dog was my first! His name is Virus (mettre lien ici avec cette histoire)

The whole process took more than two years: following 4 breeders in competition, selecting one, discussing about the upcoming litter and the contract, and

"How can you not... love me?" (Virus)

“How can you not… love me?” (Virus)

finally sitting with a reputable dog trainer to assert if my lifestyle was appropriate for the breed I was dreaming of.

During all this time I kept looking at dogs, all the dogs I could notice! I bought dog encyclopaedias, dog magazines …I was getting ready and oh my god was I getting ready!

So January 24, 2009, entered into my life the most beautiful living creature that, by his sheer presence, would help alter my life and myself like never before…I will never forget that, and I wish you the same when it happens to you!

And for the others that have experienced this, please come and share in My Story, your experience! It will help lots of others!

“The Guy” @ clanimal.com

The Guy

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