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Special needs dogs have as much love to give as any other animal, but sadly, they’re often overlooked in shelters. This means perfectly healthy, happy dogs and cats often spend their lives in a shelter or get put down, just because they’re a little different. Luckily for the adorable white fluffball in this video, named Duncan, some incredible volunteers at Best Friends Animal Society are doing all they can to help him get adopted.

Duncan has a condition called canine megaesophagus. This means that the muscles in his throat aren’t strong enough to push food down when he eats. To help this little one, his caregivers at Best Friends help him out with a special high chair during feeding time – just like a baby!

Other than his eating challenges, this pup doesn’t slow down for anything. He loves to play and snuggle!

Credits : BestFriendsVideo – Amanda Lindner & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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