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Mary, the dog in the video, was rescued from a meat market in South Korea and brought to San Francisco, California to start her new life. It’s likely that Mary’s first steps to freedom at the rescue center marked the first time that she ever had the opportunity to stretch her legs. Although she was quivering with fear at first, it only took a moment for her to understand she was finally free. From there, things took an amazing positive turn!

There’s no mistaking the look of pure bliss in Mary’s eyes when she gets a full spa treatment. It’s as if they’re washing away all of the memories of life before her rescue. Shiba Inu’s like Mary have very dense fur that easily picks up dirt, so, in addition to being all fluffy and clean, this gorgeous dog must feel downright fantastic to be rid of years of grime.

Mary left the spa with her foster mom, but she didn’t stay there long. Three months later, she got the best gift any dog could ever get — a loving forever home. To help more dogs like Mary,  you can sign Asia For Animals Coalition’s petition to end the dog meat market in South Korea.

Credits : PAWsitive & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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