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Meet Khan. This poor fella is a senior dog who was beaten up and left to die by cruel humans. After experiencing this horrific abuse, he was abandoned in a stream and rendered completely paralyzed. When rescuers finally found him, it was clear he was in serious need of help.

Khan was unable to walk during his first days at the Let’s Adopt rescue center. He was, however, able to wag his tail and look to his rescuers with hopeful eyes. These two signs told the kind people trusted with his care that he was a fighter.

After weeks of intensive treatments and round the clock veterinary care, Khan made a remarkable recovery. Soon he was walking again, showing everyone how love, resilience, and determination can create miracles!

Let’s Adopt is an international animal rescue group that works to save Turkey’s abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals.

Credits : Viktor Larkhill & YouTUbe

Sylvie Schneider

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