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Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited do extraordinary work for street dogs in India. When homeless animals fall, these incredible heroes are always there to catch them. This was quite literally the case when they were alerted to a dog who was stuck in a deep well.

With the well walls crumbing on all sides, the team knew this would be no ordinary rescue. They came up with the ingenious idea to use a crane get into the pit and rescue the dog. While the concept was simple, if for any reason their plan failed, both the man and the dog would be stuck inside. Using the utmost caution, they were able to wrangle the scared, but very relieved, pup into a net. Now, the sweet dog is safe and sound back at Animal Aid Unlimited’s rescue center where he is getting the TLC he needs.

We can’t imagine how long this poor dog had been stranded in the well, or how much longer it would have been if these rescuers didn’t step in. You can support these amazing efforts by going to the Animal Aid Unlimited website.

Credits : Animal Aid Unlimited India & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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