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The rescue team at Edgar’s Mission is always ready to give it their all for any animal in need. So, when they received a call regarding two alpacas who had been living alone in a field, they set out to rescue them. The abandoned alpacas were originally accompanied by a third, but sadly, she passed away.

The two beautiful alpacas, given the names Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall, were stripped of four years worth of overgrown fur and their hooves were given much-needed trims. Because many alpacas are raised for their wool, when left unchecked it becomes painfully matted. It falls on the shoulders of humans to maintain their fur, and lucky for these two, the caretakers at Edgar’s Mission are quite skilled with sheers!

The amazing team at Edgar’s Mission is dedicated to giving animals who have been hurt, discarded, and forgotten the life they truly deserve. There is no doubt that in their care, Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall will be given the ultimate star treatment.

Credits : Edgar’s Mission & Vimeo

Sylvie Schneider

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