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When this man came across a young dog in the “middle of nowhere,” he did more than just give her a bike ride – he gave her a new life!

The sweet pup had been abandoned and was overjoyed at the sight of a human who could help her. Although he didn’t have a basket for her to ride in, McHugh could not leave the helpless pup, to fend for herself, so he had to get creative. He tucked the friendly little poochdown the front of his athletic shirt and set out for home!

This kind man was unable to take care of the puppy, but he did the next best thing for her: before sending her to the local animal shelter, he shared the video of her rescue in hopes of placing her in a forever home. As luck would have it, a woman who lived in his neighborhood ended up adopting the pup and named her Luna.

Little Luna’s story might have started with tragedy, but we’re so pleased she got her happy ending!

Credits : shifpgdn & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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