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When Four Paws International vet came across two wild horses with chains around their front legs, he quickly got to work setting them free. According to the video, it is common practice to chain wild horses in Romania to keep them from running away. This renders them unable to avoid predators and puts the horses at great risk, thankfully this rescuer stepped in before that could happen.

After sedating the animals, he clipped their chains. Upon doing so, he noticed the deep cuts caused by these bonds. The wounds made it difficult for the horses to walk normally, and there is no doubt they wouldn’t have survived if not for this kind act.

Although these two horses had likely experienced much abuse from humans, they seemed to understand that he was there to help them. One of the horses even nuzzled the vet, as to say “thank you!”

Four Paws International is an organization that works to provide direct help to animals in distress.

Credits : Four Paw International – Cat Smith & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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