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Animals are capable of bringing so much good and love into their guardian’s lives. They’re an endless source of joy and friendship, and their selflessness is incredibly admirable. But for some reason, despite all the amazing things about animals, there are still some people who wish to do them harm.

Anna, the dog in the clip, was left tied to a pole exposed to the elements for most of her life. Her previous “caretakers” only fed her enough to keep her alive. Being outside for so long caused parasites to grow on her skin and they eventually spread to her blood, leaving her sick and in constant pain.

Thankfully, she was rescued and brought to Let’s Adopt Global. This incredible organization specializes in healing animals who have been put through unthinkable circumstances.

We can’t understand why anyone would do such a horrible thing to this sweet pup, but we’re glad that Anna is getting the help she needs. She has a long road to recovery and her condition is still severe. Still hoping for a full recover!

Credits : Viktor Larkhill & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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