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Animals really are a true gift to humankind. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that pet guardians get more out of their animal relationships than their pets do. But sometimes the best gifts are surprises, as this story clearly shows!

The dog in this video, was surrendered to an animal shelter covered in demodectic mange. Her previous family never took her to a vet to treat the condition, callously opting to get rid of her instead.

When a volunteer at the shelter saw her, she knew she had to help. Luckily she was also an adoption counselor at St. Bonnie’s animal sanctuary and took on the big job of caring for this sweet pup..

Once she finally got the care she needed, it only took a short time for the dog to show signs of healing. Her coat grew in, and she gained weight quickly. Perhaps too quickly… It turns out that she was actually pregnant with a litter of five! What a wonderful surprise for volunteer, knowing that she not only saved the life of one pup – but five new babies as well!

This dog and her beautiful puppies have all been adopted out to loving homes. But remember that there are countless other dogs who still need our help. To learn more about the awesome organizations who helped rescued this family, check out the St-Bonnie’s sanctuary and the Lange Foundation.

Credits :PAWsitive & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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