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For 50 years, this remarkable elephant, Thong Kam, served the people of Thailand. She gave up her freedom, happiness and well-being to haul people around and serve as entertainment.  Thankfully, now that she’s reached the age of retirement, she’s getting the love and care she deserves.

Thong Kam has found a new home at the Elephant Nature Park, which is “dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population.” We’re so happy Thong Kam will finally have a chance to live in a sanctuary that values her needs and her hapiness.

But not all elephants are as lucky as Thong Kam. Thousands of elephants in Thailand are subjected to an entire life in captivity. These beautiful, highly intelligent beings loose their freedom the moment they are born. In captivity, elephants live miserable lives and undergo daily abuse and violence, just to for the purpose of entertaining tourists.

Join us in speaking out against the cruelty against elephants by sharing this article, and learning about the wonderful work of Elephant Nature Park.

Credits : ElephantNews & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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