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When entering a pet store, it can be hard to resist purchasing a sweet-looking puppy. But while these pets may look adorable in a window, the places they come from will make you think twice about ever purchasing a dog from a pet shop. 

Puppies that are bought from pet stores typically come from large-scale commercial dog breeding operations, also known as puppy mills. In puppy mills, dogs are treated as nothing more than commodities, forced to live in tiny wire cages and deprived of basic needs such as water and food. Most breeding dogs will never experience the feeling of grass under their feet or know what it is like to be loved. Tragically, when we purchase the cute puppies in pet stores, their sale goes back to fund their parent’s abuse. Thankfully, many organizations are working to end this cruel practice. Most recently, Animal Legal Defense Fund  (ALDF) conducted an undercover investigation to expose the abuse in one such facility called Southern Roc, located in New Mexico.

Sadly, there are hundreds of facilities similar to this one, in which dogs are forced to live in hellish conditions, all for the sake of profit.

Sadly, most puppy stores purchase their dogs from puppy mills like this one. You can help by never purchasing a dog from a pet shop and supporting your local rescue shelter instead.  To learn more about this investigation and the ALDF’s efforts to shut down puppy mills, visit their site.

Credits : ALDF & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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