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Willow the Bull Mastiff puppy was born with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. This condition that causes the puppy’s check to be flat and as a result, their legs splay out leaving them unable to walk. Unfortunately for Willow, her condition meant that she was not profitable to the breeder who owned her. Knowing he’d never be able to sell her, he posted on social media that he planned on throwing the pup away. Thankfully, Jenn, president of 2nd Chance Rescue was not about to let that happen.

It’s a sad reality that most puppies born with this condition are seen as burdens — and Willow was no different. After rescuing Willow, Jenn enlisted the help of Gina, a specialist, to help give Willow the best chance at the life she deserved. The puppy’s recovery began with a few little steps and now, she’s able to run, play fetch, and even swim!

Willow may have been seen as nothing more than a commodity to her breeder, but now, her life couldn’t be better. Thanks to her rescuers, who recognized her as an individual, Willow’s boisterous and beautiful personality is able to shine every day. To learn more about 2nd Chance Rescue and to see all of the amazing potential animal companions whose lives they’ve saved, visit their website.

Credits : PAWsitive & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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