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Tyler Young, like many other infants, is fiercely protected by his family pet. He is followed, supervised, and chased by the furriest (err…feather-iest) member of the Young family, Beaker. While in most other families, this watchful guardian might be a dog, in the Young household, ducks reign supreme!

The Texas family cares for 11 ducks, one of which is Beaker, or Bee, who has been with the family since Tyler was nine months old.

When Bee arrives at the Young house, the duckling and infant immediately became best friends.

“From the time these two get up, to the time they go to sleep, it’s chaos,” said Tyler’s mom.  While things may be a little unconventional at the Young house and Tyler’s mom never envisioned herself having a pet duck that lives inside, she admits, “it’s amazing to see these two in action.”

Tyler’s friendship with Bee is sure to instill a lifelong appreciation for all animals, duck or otherwise.

Images source: Mr T and Bee : A Tale of a Boy and His Ducks

Sylvie Schneider

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