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Jail isn’t exactly a place you want to visit, but the Stock Island Detention Center in Florida has turned its facility into a rehabilitation center for both people and animals as it doubles as a sanctuary for abused, neglected, or confiscated exotic pets and farm animals.

The sanctuary was first established in 1994,as a refuge for injured ducks who were regularly hit by passing cars. The small sanctuary was located below the jail, which sits 11-feet above the ground as per hurricane safety regulations. When word spread that the jail was taking in animals in need, it quickly became a haven for all sorts of species including wild animals that have been sold into the exotic animal trade. One of the farm’s most famous residents is Mo, an adorable sloth whose become the unofficial mascot of Stock Isalnd Detention Center.

A huge part of the sanctuary’s mission in showing the public the animals is to teach families, including children, that wild animals are no pets, no matter how cute they are. Too often misguided owners who purchase exotic pets realize they’re in over their heads and the animals end up neglected or abandoned. You can help contribute to this incredible sanctuary that is helping both humans and animals.

Credits : MarathonFlorida & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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