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It’s hard to pass up on a sweet-faced puppy in a pet shop window. Who wouldn’t want to take home one of those adorable furballs? However, buyers beware: most animals in pet shops come from pupy mills: horrendous places, where these animals are treated like inventory instead of living beings. Thankfully because of organizations like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) thousands of these dogs are saved every year from lives of pain and misery and the stories they leave behind remind us all why it necessary for us all to adopt and not shop for pets.

When HSUS rescuers came across little Daniel, the poor pup had been in such horrendous conditions that he couldn’t even walk. This sweetie was using just his two front legs to get around. He was one of 295 dogs saved that day from a despicable puppy mill in Arkansas. Remarkably, after just two days in the care of HSUS, Daniel is learning to walk again! It’s incredible what a little love and care can do for an animal in need. Thanks to these rescuers, Daniel will have the life he deserves with a family of his own, once he is ready for adoption.

Credits : The Humane Society of United States & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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