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When we think of dogs, we typically imagine animals who hold an elevated status as man’s best friend and as such, we would never think of them as food. However, in parts of Asia, dog meat is as readily acceptable as any other. Just like on factory farms in the United States, the conditions in these dog meat facilities are bhorrent. Luckily, there are many organizations working to save these pups, including Humane Society International (HSI) which recently posted a video, featuring the rescue of a sweet, scared dog named Florence.

When the rescue team found Florence, she was weak and emaciated, cowering in her makeshift shelter on a dog meat farm in South Korea. Her back legs were deformed as she has spent her life being used to breed puppies in a small cage. In the video, we can see the suffering in her eyes, and the awful conditions she has endured for her whole life. Florence doesn’t know it, but her luck is about to change!

Through incredible rescue efforts, HSI managed to save this dog, and several others. Soon, she’ll be boarding a plane to the U.S. where she’ll get adopted into a loving home!

Since 2015, HSI has shut down five dog meat farms in South Korea and assisted in the rescue of more than 8,000 dogs from trucks headed for slaughter. Learn more about their work or contribute to their rescue efforts.

Credits :Humane Society International & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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