A holistic approach for pets they have arthritis

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Holistic approach and supplements to help our pet who suffer from arthritis

A holistic approach for pets they have arthritis

A holistic approach for pets they have arthritis  

A holistic approach to helping pets suffering from arthritis 

There are more and more pets of all ages suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is no longer a phenomenon related to aging; many factors, including chemicals (preventive medicine) and unhealthy commercial food, are partly to blame. What can we do to help pets suffering from such diseases?

Changing the diet help against arthritis

Your must first assess your pet’s diet and make appropriate changes based on its activity level and its needs in order to prevent obesity. Excess body weight will place greater stress on the pet’s articulations and cause pain.  Feed your pet homemade meals as well as vitamin and mineral supplements, or natural commercial food.

 Supplement with Vitamin C also help against arthritis

Ensure an appropriate vitamin C intake. Give your pet fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C or chewable vitamin C supplements (40 mg/kg/day) that can be dissolved in water. This vitamin acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces pain. It stimulates the immune system to promote tissue growth and healing, particularly if your dog has undergone hip or spine surgery.

Essential Fatty Acids

 Giving essential fatty acids. Add oils rich in omega-3 (canola oil or fish oil) and omega-6 (safflower oil, sunflower oil or fish oil). These oils stimulate the immune system and have a natural anti-inflammatory effectthat reduces articulation inflammation.

Implementing an exercise program. You need to make your pet exercise. Immobility worsens an animal’s condition. Moving increases blood flow and helps maintain muscle tone.

Supplement with glucosamine sulphate and Chondroitin for pets they have arthritis

Glucosamine sulphate and Chondroitin have a protective effect that helps regenerate connective and cartilage tissues of the joints. It contributes to reducing pain associated with joint diseases. You can give pets suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia the following therapeutic amounts of glucosamine:


Sulfate de glucosamine



Under 10 pounds

250 mg

250 mg



500 mg

400 mg


25-49 pounds




50-100 pounds

1000 mg

800 mg

1-2 per/day

100 pound or more

1000 mg

800 mg

2 x /day

    • Schulz K, et al. The pet lover’s guide to canine arthritis and joint problems, 1st ed. Elsevier, Inc, 2006, pp. 105).

Be sure to exercise your pet moderately to ensure your pet’s well-being and ease its suffering. You can also add complementary therapies like massages, homeopathy, acupuncture and phytotherapy (plant-based treatment).

Chantale Robinson BSc.T.S.A

Excerpt from the book: Mon animale mange t-il bien? 


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