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Joyeuse Pâques de Virus 1For animals Easter Sunday is like any other day and yet we understand, in our own ways, that lots of humans gives it a special meaning! So, let me explain from an animal perspective, what Easter means to animal/humans relations.

For us, there is no “superior being”, just our master (which means for us: our handler!) for whom we show unconditional love…however, in the human world, lots of humans are fighting each other claiming their “master” is better than other humans master. For us there is only one master that “has no colour, no language and no philosophy”, only a master that loves and respects us for what we are…animals!

So, on this Easter Sunday, I invite you to “Be with us” (and not with what you humanize us to be) taking the time to really

Joyeuse Pâques de Virus 2

Virus Aviseur Animal Senior Animal Advisor, Clanimal.com

connect with us through your instincts, and, done honestly, you could even connect with who you really are inside and start following your instincts because after all, instincts never killed anyone…it rather helps being alive in the moment!

There is one place your favourite pet can, like me, have a voice and communicate how it sees life through its eyes…it’s My Story! So, today start letting your pet tell his side of his story!

Virus, Senior Animal Advisor at Clanimal.comJoyeuse Pâques de Virus 1


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  • Debbie Mock

    Virus, I like the way you think. My four-legged buddy, Toby is bonded to me as I am to him. It saddens me to think of humans not getting along. I would like for people of all religions, colors, economic wealth, disabled, etc. to be able to sit down and talk with each other instead of fighting and going to war. My Toby is afraid of other animals, but he doesn’t become agressive. He turns and walks away or he looks for me to save him.

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