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Dennis, a gentle Pit Bull, was abandoned on a bridge and was left to die. However, when Gabriel Sepulveda passed by on his skateboard, Dennis was finally shown the kindness he needed. Sepulveda called on Hope for Paw to help the poor dog, who was so emaciated and covered in painful blisters he couldn’t even move.

The Hope For Paws rescue team rushed Dennis to the hospital and immediately started emergency care. They cleaned him, removed the thousands of ticks from his body, and gave him a blood transfusion in an attempt to save his life. For the next five days Dennis was seen by neurologists, cardiologists, and internal medicine specialists, but sadly, their efforts were not enough to save the suffering dog.

All of the cruelty he had faced at the hands of neglectful humans left his body too weak to recover and sadly, not all rescues end with happy endings. This is a tragic fact that is important to understand because for every happy story, there are unfortunately countless others featuring dogs who were left to die and never shown any sort of care. You see, Dennis was neglected a long time ago, and no one was there to speak for him. He was only shown the true love he deserved when it was already too late.

Remember, if you see an animal in need, always call for help. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Credits : HopeForPaws & YouTube

Sylvie Schneider

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