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This story happened back a few weeks ago in France.
Like every Monday, many professionals gather at the
fairground in the East of France with their cattle.

In total, hundreds of animals are present for sale.
One of these beasts (a cow)  had broken legs.
Lying on the ground, she stayed there for more than
a full day before someone helped her.

It’s a veterinarian who came first and unfortunately
had to euthanize the poor animal. Of course, this scene
shocked many people, who denounced the behaviour of the
owner of the cow who had given up on her, rather than help her.

An investigation has also been opened on the issue following
the complaints. The people present, as well as animal lovers
in addition to various organizations obviously want the arrest
of the owner of this cow.

To read the original article (only in French), it is possible
on the union.fr website.

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Source: lunion.fr website

Amelie Delobel

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